I started out 39 years ago when I was 16 with my Honda SS50 . I always enjoyed working on it as much as riding it, so it wasn't long before I got a job as a mechanic at Kings of Birmingham, later I moved to Devimead in Tamworth. The name stood for Development in Motorcycle Engineering and Design. I learnt a huge amount here about tuning and modifying motorcycles which lead to me owning some outstanding and interesting machines. I've lost count some years ago but it must be well into 3 figures by now and still going !

All my years of experience along with my well equipped mobile workshop is what you get when I come to help you with your machine. I have also enjoyed working at several colleges in the past so I am quite happy for you to watch, ask questions  and learn - your own personal training course ! 


* My Services Include *

Non - Starters, Poor Starters, Running Faults, Miss-fires*

* Maintenance, Servicing, Chains & Sprockets, Bearings *

* Electrical Work, Batteries & Charging Faults, Accessories Fitted* 

* Faulty Alarms & Immobilizers Repaired or Removed *

* Fuel Leaks, Injection Faults, Carburetors Cleaned & Balanced *

​* All the images on this site are mine. Most of them are or were

   my own vehicles that I have owned, modified and worked on.