I started out in the motor trade the same way that most mechanics do, I was 17 and finances dictated that I work on my own vehicles, then came friends and family, then others that they recommended me to. So 36 years later, here I am, ready to bring my experience, knowledge and training to you, at home or work, for very reasonable rates and on a friendly personal basis. 

Cars & Vans

My services include  :

* Non starting faults

* Batteries & alternators

* Starter motors

* Fuel - Carburetors & pumps

* Fuel - Injection systems

* Ignition systems old & new

* Engine management

* Diagnostics

* Crypton tuning

* Auto electrics


* Cooling system faults & leaks 

* Brakes

* Suspension

* Chassis components

* Bearings

* Seals

* Wrong fuel drains

* Faulty alarm systems

Tow bars & Electrics

* MOT work

​* All the images on this site are mine. Most of them are or were

   my own vehicles that I have owned, modified and worked on.